The Group is committed to developing long term and positive relationships with the communities within which it operates.

Petropavlovsk communicates its development plans to local communities and ensures they are actively involved in the process. If issues are raised, they are addressed through public consultation. No public consultations were held in 2016. The Group continues to monitor circumstances in line with its commitment to maintaining good relationships with local communities and authorities.

One specific ethnic group encountered in the Amur region are the Evenk people – an indigenous community who are found in north eastern Russia and China, and whose traditional lands are in the vicinity of the Kuranakh iron ore project in the north west of the Amur region and Albyn mine in the north east of the Amur region. The company provides assistance to Evenk reindeer farms, Evenki dance and singing clubs, restores social infrastructure in the Evenk national villages, and participates in preserving Evenk traditional sports.

The Group’s commitment to promoting development in the Amur region led it to establish the Petropavlovsk Foundation in 2010.

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