At Petropavlovsk, our objective is to act in the interests of our stakeholders, including shareholders, employees and the communities in which we operate, by ensuring all our activities are efficient, responsible, transparent and sustainable.

We seek to provide a fair return to our shareholders. We aim to ensure a safe working environment and just remuneration for our employees. We play an important role in the regions where the Group operates and seek to contribute to their economic and social development. We give high priority to our responsibilities to local communities and enjoy their active support. We believe that mining companies have a particular responsibility to care for the environment and to mitigate the impact of their operations.

Sustainable development has been a key focus for the Group since its foundation.

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Our Commitment

In its management and operations, Petropavlovsk is committed to:

  • Full compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • A rigorous approach to health and safety, underpinned by close scrutiny by the Board and management. The Group’s objective is to minimise the risk of accidents and of occupational illnesses, and to aim for zero fatalities. All accidents are recorded, and all serious accidents are investigated;
  • A rigorous approach to environmental standards, implemented both through internal compliance measures and through external expert auditing and monitoring;
  • Provision of good working facilities, high-quality equipment, and suitable living conditions at the Group’s mining operations;
  • Provision of appropriate and high-quality training for its employees and opportunities for career development;
  • Investment in initiatives to support education in the regions where the Group operates;
  • Promotion of the social and economic development of these regions both through the widening scope of the Group’s operations and with the assistance of the Petropavlovsk Foundation for Social Investment;
  • An active dialogue with local communities and local and regional authorities to maintain a transparent, two-way flow of information and to sustain long-term, constructive relationships between the Group and these communities;
  • Fair and supportive management, with appropriate procedures developed for handling disputes and grievances;
  • Zero tolerance of bribery and corruption and strict compliance with the relevant legislation of the Russian Federation and the United Kingdom; and
  • The ongoing development of mine closure plans.



Since the foundation of Petropavlovsk in 1994, sustainability has been at the core of its business strategy and today, as a major presence in the Amur region, the Company remains committed to developing its approach.

Health and safety is surely one of the most significant challenges facing the Group, and across its operations Petropavlovsk maintains a zero-injury target, which it is dedicated to achieving. Tragically, despite these efforts, there were 3 fatalities at Petropavlovsk in 2017. This is clearly unacceptable and the Group is committed to ensuring that we operate safely at all times. All accidents were carefully analysed, lessons were learned and necessary preventative measures have been taken, as disclosed in the LTIFR section of this annual report.

In 2018, Petropavlovsk will continue to develop underground mining, flotation and autoclave technologies, all of which are deemed to be high risk. Health and safety remains our foremost priority. The professionalism and dedication of all employees involved, on whom our health and safety depends, is clear to me and gives me confidence that these tasks will be successfully accomplished in a safe and responsible manner.

Petropavlovsk has a strong team focused on environmental management and has upheld a strong track record of performance for many years. Acting on its own initiative, the Group previously gained an international certification in this field, and in 2017 Petropavlovsk’s environmental management system received an accreditation of compliance. This applies to each mine and is in accordance with the international standard GOST R ISO 14001-2016 (ISO 14001:2015).

We at Petropavlovsk aim to foster an environment that promotes motivation, loyalty and professionalism amongst its employees. The number of family members and long service workers that we have retained demonstrates that Petropavlovsk continues to be an attractive place to work.

Sergey Ermolenko, General Director of Management Company Petropavlovsk

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