The Requisitioned General Meeting (‘RGM’) of the Company will be held online at 11:00am on Monday 10 August 2020, at the offices of White & Case LLP, 5 Old Broad Street, London, EC2N 1DW.

Shareholders will have the right to participate in the RGM via a conference call and to ask questions. Details of these arrangements will be announced via the Regulatory News Service ahead of the meeting. The link to the RNS can be found here once available.


Ensuring the safety of our stakeholders

The health and safety of our shareholders, staff and stakeholders is our priority. In light of COVID-19 and our commitment to the necessary social distancing measures currently in place, the RGM will be held with only the minimum number of shareholders present, who will be employees of the Company, as required to form a quorum under the Company’s Articles of Association.


Shareholder participation at the RGM

Shareholders are strongly encouraged to participate in the RGM by voting electronically ahead of the meeting.

Only those shareholders on the Company’s register as at close of business on Friday 7 August 2020 or, if the meeting is adjourned, on the day which is two days prior to the time of the adjourned meeting, shall be entitled to vote at the RGM in respect of the number of shares registered in their name at that time.

*** Shareholders must submit votes by 11:00am on Friday 7 August 2020 ***

*** Please note that nominee-holding retail shareholders likely have an earlier internal deadline with respect to their individual Private Client Broker ***


Requisitioned General Meeting materials

Please find a link to the RGM materials, including a circular and the notice of meeting, for your review ahead of voting: We would strongly encourage all shareholders to review these documents for before taking a voting decision.


How to vote

The way in which your vote is cast will depend on how your Petropavlovsk shares are held.


If you are a directly registered shareholder:

  1. You are strongly encouraged to submit your proxy voting electronically at
  2. Shareholders may also complete the proxy form provided with the circular, submitting the completed form in accordance with the instructions thereon
  3. Although we strongly recommend that shareholders submit their vote electronically, any proxy forms being returned via post should be submitted well ahead of the vote deadline of 11:00am Friday 7 August, to ensure timely receipt by the Company’s registrar. It is recommended that the Chairman of the meeting or Mrs Katia Ray, Independent Non-Executive Director, is appointed as proxy

Proxy form download: Proxy-Forms-24-July-2020.pdf

Note: Only shareholders whose Petropavlovsk shares are registered directly in their own name and who have an investor code (IVC) may vote either online or by returning the proxy form via post. If you are a retail shareholder and your shares are not directly registered in your name, please contact your broker to instruct them to vote on your behalf, in accordance with your instructions, in advance of the deadline.


If you are a nominee-holding retail shareholder:

  1. If you manage your shareholding via a Private Client Broker or online share dealing service, it is unlikely that you will be sent a proxy card or be asked if you wish to vote your shares
  2. Please contact your Private Client Broker (or other registered holder) directly with your voting instructions as soon as possible, either via your online portal, secure online form, telephone or email
  3. Sample Text to send to your Private Client Broker:
    Re: Petropavlovsk PLC General Meeting (10th August 2020)
    Please vote my Petropavlovsk PLC shares (ISIN: GB0031544546) that you hold on my behalf in your nominee account on the share register.I wish my shares to be voted IN FAVOUR of resolutions X,Y,Z and AGAINST resolutions X,Y,Z at the General Meeting.Please kindly confirm you have acted upon my instructions.
  4. Although the voting deadline is Friday 7 August 2020, your Broker will likely have an earlier internal deadline, so it is best to instruct them as soon as possible and ideally by Tuesday 4 August 2020
  5. Should you have any queries on how to submit your voting instructions, please contact your Private Client Broker using the details provided below


AJ Bell Youinvest 0345 37 33 479
Barclays Wealth 0800 376 7954
Charles Stanley & Co 020 7149 6600
Davy Stockbrokers 289 031 0655
Equiniti Shareview 0371 384 2030 Online Form
Halifax Share Dealing 0345 722 5525 Online Form
Hargreaves Lansdown Online Form
iDealing 020 3500 7462
Interactive Investor Services 0345 607 6001 Online Form
Investec Wealth & Investment 020 7597 4000
Jarvis Investment Management 01892 700800
Killik & Co 020 7337 0777
Redmayne Bentley & Co 0113 243 6941
Smith & Williamson 020 7131 4000 Online Form
The Share Centre 01296 41 41 41 Online Form
Walker Crips 020 3100 8000
WH Ireland 020 7220 1666 Online Form


If you are an institutional shareholder:

  1. Please submit your vote via your usual platform or custodian
  2. CREST members wishing to appoint a proxy or proxies via the CREST electronic proxy appointment service may do so by using the procedures described in the CREST Manual. CREST personal members or other CREST sponsored members and those CREST members who have appointed a voting service provider(s) should refer to their CREST sponsor or voting service provider(s), who will take appropriate action on their behalf


Shareholder engagement

Petropavlovsk remains committed to open engagement with shareholders and arrangements are in place to allow the submission of questions in advance of the RGM.

As mentioned under “Web Content”, shareholders will have the right to participate in the RGM via a conference call and to ask questions during the meeting. Details of these arrangements will be announced via the Regulatory News Service ahead of the meeting.

In addition, shareholders may contact the Company prior to the date of the RGM if they have questions on the matters to be proposed by emailing with such communication being made available to each of the Directors.



To facilitate the voting process, Petropavlovsk has retained Boudicca Proxy. Any questions on the voting process should be directed to Boudicca via email to or by calling +44 (0) 203 475 3413.

If you require assistance, please contact the Link Asset Services Shareholder Helpline on 0371 664 0300, with lines open between 9:00am – 5:30pm, Monday to Friday. Calls to this number from the UK are charged at the local rate.


Voting results

Results will be announced following the conclusion of the RGM. Independent observers will oversee the process in which the paper ballots are added to the electronic votes.



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