Dr Pavel Maslovskiy, Chief Executive Officer & Executive Committee Chair

Dr Pavel Maslovskiy co-founded the Company in 1994 together with former Chairman Peter Hambro. He held directorships within the Group – including the position of Chief Executive Officer, from the Group’s inception in 1994 until December 2011, when he relinquished all remunerated positions following his appointment as a Senator-Member of the Federation Council (Upper House of the Russian Parliament).

Dr Maslovskiy retired as a Senator-Member in October 2014 and was re-appointed as Chief Executive Officer in November 2014, having acted as Honorary President from December 2011. He resigned from the Board and from the position of CEO in July 2017, and was re-appointed following the Company’s AGM on 29 June 2018.

Prior to embarking on his business career, Dr Maslovskiy was an Associate Professor of Metallurgy at the Moscow Aircraft Technology Institute.

Dr Maslovskiy is a member of the Safety, Sustainability and Workforce and the Nominations Committees.


Dr Alya Samokhvalova, Deputy CEO

Dr Alfiya (Alya) Samokhvalova is Deputy Chief Executive Officer and a Member of the Safety, Sustainability and Workforce Committee of the Board of Directors. In addition, Dr Samokhvalova is Head of the Company’s Corporate Office. Dr Samokhvalova joined the Company in 2002.

Dr Samokhvalova is also a Non-Executive Director of the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Global Advisory Board of Cass Business School.

Dr Samokhvalova holds a Masters in Investment Management from Cass Business School, London, and a PhD in Economics from the Moscow International High Business School, a BSc in Accounting and Audit (All Russia Distant Economic and Finance Institute, Moscow) and a BSc in Pharmacy (Alma-Ata State Medical University). She also holds a Professional Accountant Certificate from the Institute of Professional Accountants of Russia.


Mr Danila Kotlyarov, Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director

Mr Danila Kotlyarov was appointed as Chief Financial Officer of Petropavlovsk PLC on 1 February 2020 and as an Executive Director of Petropavlovsk PLC on 21 April 2020.

Immediately prior to joining the Company, Mr Kotlyarov was Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director of IRC Limited a position he had held since January 2016. Prior to this he served as Deputy General Director for Finance of Aricom a position which in 2010 transferred to IRC as Deputy Chief Executive Officer, following the listing of IRC on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.  Mr Kotlyarov was appointed as Interim Chief Financial Officer of IRC in March 2015.   Mr Kotlyarov remains a Director of IRC in a Non-Executive capacity.

Mr Kotlyarov has considerable experience having been employed in various position with a number of international companies.

Mr Kotlyarov holds a BA in Management from Moscow State University and a MA in International Economics from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO). He is a fellow member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charter holder, member of Hong Kong and Russia Associations of Financial Analysts and has a professional diploma in civil and industrial construction.


Mr Sergey Ermolenko, General Director MC Petropavlovsk

Mr Sergey Ermolenko is the General Director of Management Company Petropavlovsk. Mr Ermolenko served as a Director and as Interim Chief Executive Officer of Petropavlovsk PLC from 18 July 2017 until 16 April 2018. He previously served in this role from December 2011 to November 2014 when Dr Pavel Maslovskiy was serving as a Russian senator.

Mr Ermolenko is one of the original members of the Group’s founding management team. He has held top managerial positions with the Group since its inception in 1994 and has been instrumental in the expansion of the Group into a multimine operation, overseeing the commissioning of Pokrovskiy, Pioneer, Malomir and Albyn.

He was appointed General Director of Management Company Petropavlovsk in 2004. In this capacity, he led the expansion of the Group into a multi mine operator.


Mr Nikolai Vlasov, Group Chief Geologist

Mr Nikolai Vlasov has many years of experience in gold exploration and mining within the Amur region.

Mr Vlasov was one of the original members of the Company’s founding management. Prior to this he was the chief geologist of the only comprehensive geological exploration expedition in the Amur Region. Mr Vlasov also headed the government department for the evaluation of gold resources in the Russian Far East.

In his role of Group Chief Geologist, Mr Vlasov leads the Group’s exploration work.

Mr Vlasov has received various state awards including for excellence in exploration of mineral resources, Honored Prospector of mineral resources and Honored Geologist of the Russian Federation.


Mr Dmitrii Chekashkin, Group Executive, Business Transformation and Operational Efficiency

Mr Dmitrii Chekashkin was appointed as Group Executive, Business Transformation and Operational Efficiency in October 2019. He is also the Group’s Chief Risk Officer and a member of the Company’s Executive Committee.

Mr Chekashkin has more than 25 years of experience in the gold mining industry. Mr Chekashkin joined the Group in 2003 where he has held various senior positions, including Group Head of Precious Metals and Chief Operating Officer. He was appointed as a Director and COO of the Company in May 2013 and resigned as a Director in March 2015 when the number of Directors on the Board was reduced. Mr Chekashkin left the Group in October 2018 for a sabbatical, returning to his new position in October 2019.

Prior to his employment with the Group he was employed as Deputy General Director of Finance for two leading gold mining enterprises in the Russian Far East.

Mr Chekashkin is a qualified engineer.



Mr Mikhail Safray, Senior Legal Adviser

Mr Mikhail Safray joined the Petropavlovsk Group in August 2018 and was appointed as Senior Legal Adviser in November 2018.

Prior to joining the Company, Mr Safray held a number of senior legal positions with large Russian and international companies, including his tenure at Alfa Group, Immofinanz AG and Interros. He also acted as legal counsel for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in London where he was responsible for investments in industrial companies in the CIS countries and the Balkans.

Mr Safray graduated from the National Research University Higher School of Economics, summa cum laude, and received a PhD degree from the Kutafin Moscow State Law University and LL.M from the Boston University.

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