The Group remains one of the largest employers in the Amur region and a major tax payer.

We provide additional job opportunities by investing in education and training, using local suppliers where possible to help stimulate the local economy.

At the mines, employees work to speciļ¬c shift patterns of either a fortnight, a month, or 45 days; as the mines are located in remote areas, it would not be practical to commute. Once each shift is complete, they have the same amount of time off work. Employees stay in purpose built accommodation on site, with recreational facilities and modern conveniences. The shift patterns enable employees to better maintain their family commitments whilst ensuring the mines can operate throughout the year.

The Group has an internal communications department to ensure that a regular and ongoing dialogue is maintained between employees, trade unions, management, local communities, the media and non governmental organisations. The department also oversees the production of a free monthly newspaper, designed to keep employees well informed with news from the Group's operations.


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