The Group is committed to effectively managing environmental issues, operating in line with international best practice and upholding the highest standards as required by Russian law.

Certain Group activities require licences and permits from Russian authorities, such as mining and exploration, construction, handling hazardous waste and using local water supplies. Accordingly, we uphold limits and conditions to help protect the environment – on containing harmful substances, for example. In addition, Russian legislation requires the Group to draw up environmental impact assessments in order for mining project permits to be considered.

Throughout the life of each mine, the environment is monitored to identify any impact its activities might have on the surrounding ecosystem. Data is collected according to state approved schedules and samples analysed in state accredited laboratories. All Group operations hold licences with water usage quotas, which detail where water may or may not be used from. Pit water is purified before it is discharged and local water is continuously monitored. The Group’s RIP plants use recycled water, which reduces the demand from local sources.

 Environmental ResponsibiltyEnvironmental Responsibilty


Waste management programmes are agreed with regulatory authorities in compliance with Russian legislation. The programmes detail standards and limits on what can be produced or disposed of. Data on waste is collected, logged and sent to regulatory authorities for review. A number of Russian laws that govern the Group are designed to limit industrial impact on local ecosystems. Land may only be cleared within the limits of licenses and permits. Fishing, hunting, poaching and driving vehicles inside designated areas are forbidden.

To prevent harmful substances entering the atmosphere, the Group uses purification systems, anti dust equipment and other protective facilities. Gas purification equipment is at all emission points and is monitored on a regular basis. Air quality monitoring includes carbon monoxide and dust emissions and is performed according to mining and environmental monitoring programmes, which are agreed in advance with federal authorities.

The Group has systems in place for the handling of cyanide.

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