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Disclosure of Interests

In the interest of transparency, from time-to-time the Company may issue notices to a member, or any other person interested in shares held by that member, pursuant to Section 793 of the Companies Act 2006 requiring such person to provide information about his interest in the Company’s shares. If the member, or the person upon whom a notice is served, does not provide the requested information or fails to reply at all within the prescribed period then the shareholding which is the subject of the notice shall be automatically and immediately subject to the sanctions provided in Article 33 of the Company’s Articles of Association.

Current Issued Share Capital: 

3,300,561,697 ordinary shares

Current Issued Voting Rights:

3,278,187,139 ordinary shares

Shareholders holding 3% or more of the issued share capital at 20 March 2015, as disclosed to the Company:


Number of shares 

% of issued share capital 

Vailaski Holdings Limited***



Sothic Capital European Opportunities Master Fund Limited**



D. E. Shaw & Co. L.P.; D. E. Shaw & Co (London) LLP
  -  Deutsche Bank AG*



Ashmore Investment Management Limited/Ashmore Investment:
  -  ARIA Co Pty Ltd as trustee for the AIRA Alternative Assets Trust
  -  Ashmore Emerging Markets Corporate High Yield Fund Limited
  -  Ashmore Funds, a Massachusetts Business Trust, on behalf of Ashmore Emerging Markets Corporate Debt Fund
  -  Ashmore SICAV in respect of Ashmore SICAV Emerging Markets High Yield Corporate Debt Fund
  -  Ashmore SICAV in respect of Ashmore SICAV Emerging Markets Corporate Debt Fund
  -  City National Rochdale Fixed Income Opportunities Fund
  -  Northrop Grumman Pension Master Trust



 *D.E. Shaw is the person subject to the notification obligation and is notifying on these shares solely in its capacity as a discretionary investment manager. Deutsche Bank AG is the shareholder.

**The above table includes voting rights attached to ordinary shares of the Company. D.E. Shaw and Sothic have also announced voting rights in relation to financial instruments, including voting rights that would result if they were to convert their holding of the Group's 9% Convertible Bonds due 2020 which are convertible from 28 April 2015 at a conversion price of 8.26 pence. Details of these voting rights are included in the RNS announcements released by D.E. Shaw and Sothic on 19 and 20 March respectively. These announcements can be located at

***Each of Mr Peter Hambro, Chairman and Dr Maslovskiy, Chief Executive Director has call and voting rights and is subject to put rights in respect of one third of the ordinary shares held by Vailaski Holdings Limited.

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