Malomir is one of the largest gold mines in Russia, in terms of its mineral resources.

Malomir was acquired by the Group as a greenfield site and developed into a producing mine. Once commissioned, the POX Hub will substantially increase production from the mine, making it a major contributor to group totals.

As at 31 December 2015, Malomir’s Mineral Resources stood at 7.0Moz, of which 2.7Moz were Ore Reserves, and Malomir had produced c.485koz of gold since commissioning in mid 2010.

Most of Malomir’s resources and reserves are refractory, requiring flotation and pressure oxidation for efficient gold recovery. In 2013, following the gold price decline and changes in market conditions, development of Malomir’s flotation plant and Pokrovskiy’s POX Hub was slowed down. The Group has resumed this development.

In mid 2015, our geological department started exploration at the deep horizons of Quartzitovoye, where high grade free milling ores potentially suitable for underground mining were identified.

Key Facts

Deposit type: Hard rock with both non refractory and refractory ore (mostly refractory).
Mining: Currently open pit. Underground mining project under development.
Processing: RIP plant on site. Currently only non refractory ore is being processed.
Development history: Acquired in 2003 as a greenfield project. Today one of the largest gold mines in Russia in terms of mineral resources.
Reserves and resources: 2.7Moz of Ore Reserves and 7.0Moz Mineral Resources.


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