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Board of Directors

In accordance with the Company's announcements to Shareholders on 2 February 2015 and 29 April 2015, the size of the Board is being reduced to reflect the reduced size of the Company's market capitalisation relative to its previous levels.  

The 'new' Board will comprise of three executive Directors: Mr Peter Hambro, Executive Chairman, Dr Pavel Maslovskiy, Chief Executive Officer, Mr Andrey Maruta, Chief Financial Officer and four Non-Executive Directors.   The Non-Executive Directors will comprise Sir Roderic Lyne, Mr Robert Jenkins and two other Non-Executive Directors who will be selected by the Board together with representatives of former holders of the Group's 4% Convertible Bonds due 2015.  This selection process is ongoing and the Board is working together with these representatives to ensure that the new Board is constituted in a timely manner in order to provide continuity.

Mr Peter Hambro Chairman
Dr Pavel Maslovskiy Chief Executive Officer
Mr Andrey Maruta Chief Financial Officer
Sir Roderic Lyne Non-Executive Director
Mr Robert Jenkins Non-Executive Director
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