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Petropavlovsk is one of the leading explorers in Russia, with an excellent geological exploration team and state-of-the-art laboratories and research centres. 

Exploration work conducted by Petropavlovsk’s exploration teams cover different surveying methods, namely mapping, drilling, trenching, modelling and the calculation of reserves and resources. The geological team is headed by Nikolai Vlasov who, prior to his career with Petropavlovsk, was in charge of the State Mission that evaluated gold resources in the Russian Far East. The Group has been able to capitalise on his expertise and detailed “on the ground” knowledge to identify new exploration targets.  The Group’s geological team is supported by a network of six state-accredited laboratories which conduct assaying, metallurgical testing and sample analysis to establish the gold grade, mineralogical composition and geological properties of the ore and the most suitable method and parameters for cost-efficient extraction and processing.

arrow Press release for 28 February 2013: Update on Gold Ore Reserves and Mineral Resources, Exploration Results and New Licence Acquisitions

Ore sample
Ore sample with visible gold
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