At Petropavlovsk, we understand that our people are a key asset.

We are one of the largest employers in the Amur Region, Russian Far East, where our core operations are based.

We aim to be an employer of choice. Our main focus is on talent management – attracting, hiring and retaining talented employees who want to work for us.

We align our talent management with company strategy, defining consistent leadership criteria across all functional areas and identifying specific competencies to cultivate continuing growth. We offer employee benefits as well as safe working conditions, and we are committed to advancing career growth opportunities and supporting educational development.

Our team of highly qualified specialists and wide range of modern technical equipment support the efficient development and operation of our gold mines across the mining lifecycle.

We have the ability to rapidly fast track newly discovered, non refractory reserves at our mines into doré gold bars and the flexibility to adjust our mine plans efficiently in line with external factors. Our developed network of scientific units and laboratories ensures our operations run smoothly and efficiently, providing for improvements and for future development of new areas.

Our engineers introduce the latest technical and technological developments; they receive several patents annually for their innovations and discoveries in the spheres of metallurgical and mining technologies.

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