Petropavlovsk is one of the leading gold producers in Russia and since 1994 has evolved into the largest vertically integrated, London Stock Exchange listed group that focuses on the Russian Far East.

Our people have developed our four open pit gold mines to deliver an impressive record of production growth. Drawing upon an established mining tradition, our strategy focuses on creating value for shareholders via stable, low cost production from quality assets, implementing both modern technologies and best industry practices. In line with this, we are creating a technologically innovative Pressure Oxidation Hub which, supported by solid infrastructure, is designed to process refractory ore concentrates from multiple deposits in the area.

Petropavlovsk is part of the FTSE SmallCap Index.

Our core assets are our four operational hard rock mines, Pioneer, Albyn, Pokrovskiy and Malomir, together with all their satellites and licence areas under exploration.

We operate some of the largest gold mines in Russia in terms of the volume of gold produced, the capacity of their processing facilities and the size of their mineral resource base.

Our experienced in house exploration team has a proven track record of identifying and exploring high value deposits that are proļ¬table throughout the commodity cycle. We aim to replenish, expand and improve our resource base in order to sustain our growth, particularly in areas close to our existing processing facilities.

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