Sir Roderic Lyne, Non-Executive Chairman

Sir Roderic Lyne was appointed as Senior Independent Director of the Company on 1 November 2015 and continued to act in such capacity until 28 June 2016. He was appointed to the Board in 2009 upon the Company’s merger with Aricom PLC. Sir Roderic was Chairman of the Company’s Remuneration and HSE Committees.

Sir Roderic was previously a Non-Executive Director of Aricom PLC, a position he held from 2006 until 2009. He also served with great success as British Ambassador to Russia from January 2000 until August 2004.

Sir Roderic is a fluent Russian speaker.


Dr Pavel Maslovskiy, Chief Executive Officer

Dr Pavel Maslovskiy was Chief Executive Officer of the Company and, together with Peter Hambro, cofounded the Company in 1994. Dr Maslovskiy was Chief Executive Officer from the Group’s inception until December 2011, when he relinquished all remunerated positions within the Group following his appointment as a Senator-Member of the Federation Council (Upper House of the Russian Parliament). Dr Maslovskiy retired as a Senator-Member in October 2014 and was re-appointed as Chief Executive Officer of the Company in November 2014, having acted as the Company’s Honorary President from 2012 to November 2014.

Prior to embarking on his business career, Dr Maslovskiy was a Professor of Metallurgy at the Moscow Aircraft Technology Institute.


Mr Robert Jenkins, Non-Executive Director

Robert Jenkins was a director of the Company from 30 April 2015 until 22 June 2017. Mr Jenkins has almost 25 years of Russian industry related expertise. He has been CFO of two Russia focused natural resource companies, including Eurasia Mining PLC, and also a Director and Audit Committee Chairman of Ruspetro plc and of Toledo Mining Corporation PLC. He was also the Senior Independent Director of the former.

During his previous tenure as a director of the Company, Mr Jenkins chaired the Audit Committee and was a Senior Independent Director as well as a member of the Nomination Committee.

Mr Jenkins is a fluent Russian speaker.

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